Why win or lose at UFC 168, Anderson Silva as we know him is done

Chris Weidman spent his entire MMA career writing a cheque precious few fans outside of Long Island thought he could cash. Weidman’s goal entering the sport was to dethrone and defeat Anderson Silva, a fighter who as Chris’s career progressed himself became something less resembling just a fighter and more some kind of mixed martial arts demigod. There is a reason fans and fighters likened Silva’s in cage aura and dominant style to that of “The Matrix”, he simply seemed to be processing reality and acting on it on a level his opponents weren’t even able to perceive even to the point of lowering his hands to avoid punches while verbally mocking his opponents.

At UFC 162 Chris Weidman had other plans and delivered on expectation in truly memorable style when he brought the Silva “Matrix” crashing down around him once and for all with a left hook heard round the MMA world. Silva was out on his feet, tumbling towards the ground as Weidman swarmed only to be tackled by referee Herb Dean and proclaimed new UFC Middleweight champion of the world.

As we picked our jaws off the floor what followed was almost surreal. Fans and writers alike took to message boards to proclaim Anderson’s loss a fluke, that he threw the fight out of boredom and that Weidman would be lucky to survive a rematch. This even culminated with the former champion breaking down in tears on a native Brazilian TV show heartbroken that fans would even assume he would throw a fight. The image of Silva in defeat was so alien to presumably everyone outside of Weidman’s native Long Island and fighters who picked the American that it was considered absurd, or unbelievable.

There’s a saying that goes “everything was impossible until somebody did it”. Weidman proved at UFC 162 that Silva’s psychological warfare was not invincible, that he was in fact very hittable on his feet and at the end of the day merely a human being like the rest of us. Though Silva could definitely defeat Weidman in their rematch and reclaim his spot at the top of the division the manner of his defeat at UFC 162 forever altered Anderson Silva’s legacy. He is sure to enter the rematch more measured in the face of Weidman’s very real punching power and will most likely dial down the very “clowning” that rewarded him both the most impressive reign in UFC history but also the first knockout loss of his career. Anderson Silva rematches Chris Weidman for the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 168 on December 28th.

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