The Problem with Alistair Overeem:

It’s a very difficult time to be an Overeem fan. His 2010 glory days are but a fleeting memory and to see him become a victim of his own hubris yet again this time at the hands of Travis Browne is now not so much saddening as just plain disappointing. Although not quite as dramatic as his demise at the hands of Antonio Silva in February Overeem’s loss against Browne highlighted yet again a problem that has plagued him his entire career: He has a tendency to beat himself against good fighters who are more than happy to use this to knock him out cold.

First of all this is not to take anything away from Browne or Silva, they are both very dangerous fighters but this is precisely why Overeem’s approach is especially frustrating. Had Overeem just fought a little smarter either time both of those fights would be considered dominant performances over good fighters and he would definitely be next in line for a title shot. The Browne fight would almost certainly have been stopped if Overeem continued attacking the body when his opponent dropped rather than punching his head which he was very consciously defending and the Silva fight would have also certainly gone in Overeem’s favour had he demonstrated the intelligence to at least keep his hands up against one of the biggest, hardest punching men to ever put on a glove.

At his best Overeem is nothing short of spectacular and seems able to have his way with just about everyone put in front of him but unfortunately when he inevitably fatigues he becomes a punching bag for fighters who would be absolutely annihilated in kickboxing competition. Travis Browne threw the same kick two dozen times and Overeem seemed happy to just take it on the chin and get himself knocked out, a sight which puzzles when compared to his electric K-1 performances of years gone by. He apparently lacks the fitness to do his job and whether horse meat, injuries or steroids are the cause he must address this if he hopes to have any relevancy in the division ever again.

I struggle to think of another fighter currently on the UFC roster who looks quite so impressive in defeat. As it stands every single heavyweight in the UFC should be calling out Overeem because not only is he guaranteed to tire but who doesn’t want a knockout victory over a K-1 champion on their resume?


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