George St-Pierre sacrificed belt to breathe easy again

1297438643381_ORIGINALGeorges St-Pierre is at least temporarily walking away from the fight game, and just exactly where he’s going nobody truly knows. St-Pierre came to the idea well before his narrow victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, and it felt like a foregone conclusion several weeks later in Quebec City, where he shrugged the world off his shoulders by vacating his belt just before a sponsorship appearance at an area mall.

These things are never as poetic as they should be. One of the game’s greatest disappeared, for the moment anyway, in the ether of commerce. And “rest,” of course, is the operative word here. Rest being the catalyst for most “not quite goodbyes” that come in the more easily digested form of “a leave of absence.” Rest being an “R” word that carries better possibilities than “retire,” which has a finality to it that St-Pierre himself won’t yet stray towards. Read more

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