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Hi, my name is Mandy. I like to travel and go on adventures. I have been across Europe and to the islands of Jamaica, Cuba and Bahamas. I also love just going to my cottage in the summer. I enjoy chilling out with friends, partying in Toronto and going to concerts. Checking out the hottest new Djs is always on the agenda. Rusko and Avicci are my favs.
I have a bachelor of science and I’m going into graduate work for environmental control. I have hopes of getting into environmental law or just to create more awareness on the need for environmental consciousness and remediation.
When I’m not hitting the slopes on my board or smashing it down in beach volleyball, I try to stay zen with daily yoga and body flow.I always make sure to stay fit to become a model and Ring Girl to promote the amazing athletes in MMA. My favorite’s are GSP, Carlos Condit, Kenny Florian, etc…



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