Kountermove Tips For the GDCMMA Free Roll

Kountermove is fantasy MMA where you win by picking the fighters most likely to finish their opponents, or have a huge offensive output through the rounds and winning points. It’s about picking the best underdogs so you can splash out the virtual $25,000 salary on the renowned finishers.

Here are a few tips on who to avoid and who is great value;


1)   Cain Velasquez - $6,000

This may seem a strange one, but let me explain myself. Cain has a fantastic chance of winning, and if he does, he’s certain to accumulate 100+ points whether he get a finish or through a demolition like we saw last New Year’s, due to his insanely high output of strikes and takedowns.

However, IF he is to lose on Saturday, it’s almost certainly going to be through a KO, therefore getting a very low score, possibly zero like in the first bout. Therefore, at $6k, he’s a big risk!

2)   Daniel Cormier - $5,600

Again, DC is a great fighter, and more than capable of scoring huge points on the Kountermove system. The risk here again, is that Nelson has enormous KO power, and although Cormier is more than equipped to avoid it, there’s a chance he won’t.

Furthermore, I see it more likely that DC chooses to fight a gritty, clinch based fight here, as he did against Mir. This style of fighting is effective at neutralising opponents, but doesn’t score points! He may fight like Miocic did against Nelson, scoring through effective boxing, but Cormier doesn’t have the same reach and boxing pedigree of the Croatian.

3)   Darrell Montague - $4,100

This one’s obvious. He’s fighting the number 2 flyweight in the UFC, and a natural finisher in John Dodson. It’s a tough debut, and he’s unlikely to break double figures in Kountermove points on Saturday. If you fancy him to win though, he is very cheap!


1)   Gabriel Gonzaga/Shawn Jordan - $4,900/$4,600

As big heavyweights, one of these two are likely to win within the three rounds, and therefore get in excess of 50 points. It’s therefore up to you as to who you think will be victorious! As the underdog, Jordan has slightly better value at $4,600, but both are under the $5,000 average that you have to stick to with the budget.

It’s as simple as that! I fancy Gonzaga to win due to his experience and grappling, but it’s a tough call. Either way, one of the two surely has to be in every team due to their price.

2)   Diego Sanchez - $3,900

Now, I’m sure everyone reading this is thinking; “What are you smoking?! I’m not reading on”, but hear me out! Like most, I too think Melendez will walk away the victor from this one, but Sanchez is such a tough dude! Having beaten the likes of Kampmann and going the distance will Ellenberger, it’s unlikely that Gil will finish Sanchez within the allotted three rounds. Add to that Diego’s cardio and the fact he’s a strong finisher means he may well steal the third, round at very least.

One more thing to consider, is that at just $3,900 he’s the cheapest fighter on the card, and means you may well be able to fill the remaining four places with your certs to win, whilst possibly picking up some unexpected points from The Dream.

3)   Andre Fili - $4,200

Andre Touchy Fili is facing Jeremy Larsen. My reasoning for backing Fili here is, as well as his incredible nickname, Larsen is not a particularly feared fighter. He’s a decent enough all-rounder, but a mediocre fighter should be able to take him out, so it all depends on whether Fili cuts it as mediocre.

As he trains out of Alpha Male, there’s a good chance he’s better than mediocre, he could be the next big thing in the division! Here’s hoping.


So sign up to the league and enjoy it. It’s an awesome addition to an MMA event, and the best picks get rewarded will cash despite the free entry fee.


GDC MMA’s UFC 166: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3 – Free $100 Tourney

See you there, beat my picks…if you can?



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