Is This The End of Rampage Jackson?

Screen-Shot-2013-01-25-at-11.45.13-PMIs this going to be the Swan Song for Rampage Jackson? Win or lose will he leave the UFC? Well according to him that’s exactly what it is. Being berated lately by questions of age and retirement Quinton finally spoke out at the prefight presser to set the record straight. “This is not my last fight” Jackson remarked. Seeming irritated at the assumption that he would retire did also say that he was going to be leaving the UFC regardless of the outcome of Saturday night’s Co-Main event versus the rising prospect Glover Teixeira. Glover is touted as a rising star in the UFC, Being trained by the likes of hall of famer Chuck Liddell and legendary coach John Hackleman. On the reverse side Rampage Jackson is being treated like the old timer, last hurrah for an old veteran and one more fight before he hits the golf course and calls it a career. The strange thing is Rampage is only 1 year older than Teixeira. At 33 and 34 years old it’s hard to treat it the same way as Rory MacDonald vs. BJ Penn.  Veteran vs. Prospect. But I do believe regardless of how it’s promoted both men will be looking to make a statement on Saturday night.

For Teixeira its simple, a win over Rampage speaks volumes. If he is able to win convincingly he will be bumped to the top of a stacked division and a title shot could be 1 or 2 good wins away. For Rampage it’s a little different. He claims regardless of what happens that this is indeed his last fight with the UFC and will be looking to pursue new opportunities in a competing promotion. I’m hoping that is just a ploy for contract talks with the UFC because I’d really hate to see them lose a fighter like Jackson.

Although he may be in the twilight of his career Rampage has been one of the sport’s most explosive fighters for the past 10 years. He has had his troubles well documented inside and outside of the cage and has been criticized for a few subpar performances. He is still the man that knocked out Chuck Liddell when he seemed to be unbeatable, avenged 2 Pride losses to Wanderlei Silva with a monster left hook KO in the UFC. Had epic coaching battles on TUF against Rashad Evans and Forest Griffin. Has thrown 200 pound men around ring and cage alike and of course my favorite moment when he lifted Ricardo Arona over his head while locked in a triangle slamming him to the mat knocking him out in the process. His accomplishments are up there with the very best in the UFC and I believe he is capable of more.

I have no doubt that Glover Tiexiera is the real deal. He is a power puncher and is definitely capable of winning this fight. That being said while he has been fighting men like Fabio Maldonado, Rampage has only fought top 10 fighters in the division. If Glover chooses to stay in the pocket and trade with Rampage (which he claims is his plan) I really think it will be a short night for him. His best chance to win is to take Rampage to the mat and work ground and pound but that is easier said than done. If he does get the fight to the mat he may edge out a decision win over the former champ but my money is on Quinton Rampage Jackson. If it is the end for him in the UFC I think it’s a shame. He and Dana White (UFC President) were rarely on the same page and often butted heads over contracts and money so maybe it’s for the best, I for one can’t think of the UFC without Rampage but with so many fights in 2013 I’m sure I’ll get over it quickly.


  1. Is this the end of Rampage in the UFC?
  2. Does Rampage still have it or am I living in the past?
  3. What are some of your favorite Quinton Jackson moments?

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1 Comment

  1. Masato says:

    I didn’t know Glover was that old! -that is interesting.

    1. This depends on where his career goes. If he fades into obscurity; yes. If he makes a Hollywood Blockbuster and tears up the limelight: no

    2. You are living in the past. But so am I , and its great here. I’m still waiting for a triumphant Igor V comeback

    3. Beating Chuck at PRIDE with Dana ringside commentating. Page is Chuck’s curse, him training Glover already lost him the fight.



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