About Us

Garrett Christian, Owner and Journalist


Ian Davies, Business Development

I had my first Karate class in a high school gymnasium when I was eight. When I was eighteen I traveled to Japan and trained for a year. I returned and competed at the national level in Shito-Ryu Karate. I am a lifelong student of martial arts. In 1999 I was awarded my 1st degree black belt. I bring that unique experience and understanding to my writing. I have profound respect and admiration for combat sports athletes. Mixed Martial Arts is a sport where losing isn’t just losing; it is a sport where you will bear the scars of those losses, sometimes for years. It is a sport that requires an immeasurable amount of resolve and conviction. And I Love it

Ramzi Almobayyed, Website Designer 

A professional web designer and a huge MMA fan from Toronto, Canada, Ramzi
has the expertise and creativity to engage MMA audiences around the world with an intuitive online presence containing the latest news from the MMA world and entertainment. Dana White speaks about how he puts together the fights the fans want to see. Ramzi puts together the site the fans want to visit! GDCMMA.com. Visit Ramzi’s personal portfolio at www.racreative.ca.

Fraser Ross, Fight Philosopher 

Fraser’s been a bona fide combat sports junkie since the mid-nineties, when guys like Royce Gracie and Mike Tyson were the baddest dudes around. In the many moons between then and now his passion has never wavered. After completing Seneca College’s, Broadcast Journalism program in 2008 Fraser’s spent time working at The Fight Network, TSN, and EastlinkTV news. He’s also trained at both HUF Boxing, and Elite Training Centre in Mississauga, and currently at Tapout Burlington. Fraser’s always argued for, and promoted the beauty, excitement and purity of consensual violence, and is always game to talk a little MMA or boxing.

Masato, Head of Mind Manipulation Dept. 

A professional digital illustrator and storyboard artist for 13 years, Masato has been messing with heads via his MMA Photoshops since 2004. Creator of www.MasatoToys.com, writer of an animated MMA movie trilogy, instigator of several international revolutionary uprisings (all covered up, you won’t find them), and a leading force in the current and accelerating global awakening, Masato has successfully returned from the psychedelic realms of of consciousness to share the Light.Favourite Fighters: Sakuraba, Minotauro, The Last Emperor, Machida, Diaz Bros.

Derek Van Wagoner, Journalist
Derek is the executive Chef at Firerock Golf Club in London Ontario. With degrees in Hospitality and Culinary management. Derek also has a PHD from the school of hard knocks. A born leader and hustler with the ability to make something out of nothing. Derek is a passionate fight fan, and with his golf buddies out of Adrenaline training centre, he often gets a chance to get the inside scoop from some of Canada’s most elite fighters. “I have two passions in life: Cooking, and Fighting! If I wasn’t a chef I’d definitely try to be a fighter. I guess it’s a good thing I’m a pretty good chef!”

Jon Laughton, UK Based Journalist
Based in DORSET, ENGLAND, Jon Laughton started boxing at 15. He moved to MMA under the tutelage of Jeff Lawson(TUF Alumni) in 2007. Jon had his first fight after 2 months of intense training, and won via exciting decision. Since then he has had 8 amateur MMA fights and 2 boxing matches. He has yet to be defeated!! Jon founded the UK’s largest University MMA club and seemingly can’t get enough of our great sport!



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