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TICKLEBEAR(TICKLEBEAR)-CANADIAN_FLAGPart 1. (This article will be followed by an interview with Sam Stout: see the bottom for details on how to get your questions and comments aired via Twitter) Sam “Hands of Stone” Stout

GDCMMA.com and I are lucky enough to be invited into the Adrenaline Training facility in London, Ontario this week to talk to UFC Lightweight Sam Stout about his career, life outside the octagon, his upcoming fight with newcomer Caros Fodor (formerly of Strikeforce), and all things UFC.

Sam is an experienced kick boxer and MMA veteran with a record of 19-8-1.  For a couple of years now he has sat middle of the pack and worked his way up to just outside the top ten in what is regarded as one of the most talent rich pools that makes up the UFC’s Lightweight division. The big fish in this pond is current lightweight champ, Benson “Smooth” Henderson.  Followed by a plethora of talent that includes top contenders like Anthony Pettis (though it’s rumored that he will be dropping to 145lbs to challenge Jose Aldo for his title), Nate Diaz, Gray Maynard, and Donald Cerrone, just to name a few. With the end of Strikeforce, even more 155lbs talent is making its way into the division with the arrival of Pat Healy, current Strikeforce Champion Gilbert Melendez, and Sam’s next opponent Caros Fodor.

With the influx of talented fighters coming over from Strikeforce, it is apparent that UFC matchmaker Joe Silva and President Dana White are eager to see to how they will adapt upon being absorbed into the UFC. Over the next few months there will be a number of Strikeforce fighters pitted against their UFC  counterparts and these boys will literally be fighting it out to see who has what it takes to stay in the number one MMA promotion in the world. We got a glimpse of it last Saturday with Tyron Woodley (Strikeforce) vs. Jay Hieron (UFC) and T-Wood knocking out Hieron early in the first round. Make no mistake.  These Strikeforce boys are the real deal, but Sam Stout is bringing his “hands of stone” to spoil the party for at least one crossover fighter.

With a knockout of the night and 6 fight of the night bonuses, Sam is one of the lightweight division’s most electric fighters. A forward pressing style, crisp combinations and a chin that seems to be made to match his hands makes it a tough fight for anyone at 155lbs. Not to mention his attrition and conditioning, which often sees him look as comfortable in the 3rd round of a fight as the 1st. Convincing wins over top 10 fighters like Joe Lauzon and Matt Wiman with a brutal knockout of veteran Eves Edwards are why Sam has been a staple in the UFC for almost 7 years.

None of it has been easy for Sam. All the glory has not come without its hurtles.  Just when he seems to be on a roll, controversial losses to Jeremy Stevens and Thiago Tavarez have the veteran taking 2 steps forward and one step back. Also the recent loss to fellow Canadian John Makdessi was a frustrating one where Sam was quoted as saying “I was frustrated because he wasn’t fighting”. This referring to Makdessi’s unwillingness to engage and stay in the pocket, instead he seemed to throw jabs and move backwards for 3 rounds. I have a feeling this next fight will not be as such.

Fodor has a pressing style also, but likes to hold his opponents on the cage or in the clinch and ware them out.  Though I think it’s unlikely that he will ware Sam out, Stout will still be in tough against the newcomer and coming off of a loss. I think he will want to put on a show and remind everybody why he has so many fight of the night bonuses.

Luckily for us we do not have to speculate.  We will be sitting down with Sam, taking advantage of the opportunity to see where he’s at headed into this short notice fight at UFC 157 on Feb.23rd.

We will also be taking questions from the fans for Sam Stout so please send them via Twitter to myself @DEREKGDCMMA or to @GarrettXianMMA  all questions need to be sent by 5pm Thursday Feb.7th we will do our best get the best questions answered. You will also have to follow us on Twitter to have your questions aired.

Thanks Fight fans and GDCMMA nation, send your ideas comments and chirps to @DEREKGDCMMA  #ExitedForThisOne!

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